As I know before, I have to be at Student Housing if I choose PresUniv. It sounds scary for some people. I try to keep in the positive think, I’ll be fine in there, everything’s gonna be alright.
Before the matriculation begins, I have been to PresUniv to see what’s the room look like. So I can prepare the stuff of Student Housing needs. I arrived at Student Housing on August 6. The seniors are very welcome. However, I was very shock when I saw the room. I got the middle one at upstairs. It’s very different with I look before. When the door is opened, we fa the cupboard.
Then I went to complain but in the last, I choose to stay in that room by changing the design first. The next day, my house-mate already come, included my roommate. At first, we keep in silence, just say hi, etc. However, as long as the day, we become closer and closer. I’m very happy. They care with me, they’re good and very welcome me. I think just my house (F5) which has awesome people. Go to campus together, eat together, chit chat, and so on.
In addition, I’m really honorable because they have a new nickname for me. They call me “mommy” and some else call me “bunda”. They said I have older personality. Grateful to meet them in here. Because we will live together in student housing for a year or maybe more.