When I was senior high school, all my friends already had their passion of university. Mostly, they want to continue at public university. It’s like UI, ITB, UNPAD, and so on. However, I didn’t have any idea about it. I don’t know why they’re exciting to continue at public university. I have a different opinion about it. Because I have a dream to study abroad and my mom just give me permission if I got a scholarship. Therefore, no hope to study abroad. I’m not smart enough and as I know, I need TOFL score also buy a form application. It needs money. How can I get it?
One day, my mom told me about President University. She had plan before to ask me joining the high school. Caused by the price is so expensive, her plan was fail. Morever, I try to find out all about President University. I’m interesting with the scholarship, full english, and faster graduate. That’s my reason to choose PresUniv. Whatever people say about PresUniv. I think wherever you studied, it depends on you.I just hope, I’m not at wrong way. I can improve my english and my mom can be proud for the scholarship which I got. Although she thaught it just marketing trick. The last, PresUniv has coorporation with many companies. My mom hope I can get a job easily by internship here. Also no need to study abroad if there’s university which based on international curriculum without high price.