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Nonverbal communication is often used to accent or to emphasize some part of the verbal message. For example, when the woman reminded her son’s promise, she talked very clearly and her eyes look sharply (it’s in the early part, when the movie just began). In other scene, when Ray said, “I’m blind but I’m not stupid”. He talked it loudly which means he was angry.

Nonverbal communication may be used to complement, to add nuances of meanings. In this film, the man (Jack) met his friend in the café and they did shake hand while asking how you are. Another example, when Ray was singing “Mess Around”, the producer looks happy by giving big smile and do clapping.

Nonverbal communication use to substitute for verbal messages. I can see the way producer shows his dislike or not interesting or maybe upset with Ray’s style of sing by shaking his head in the recording place.

Meanings are more than words and gestures. It happened when Ray’s brother was falling down into the bucket and then he died. Ray kept in silent and didn’t know how to do. Maybe he was shock. However, it doesn’t mean that he’s not sad or didn’t feel guilty. In fact, he was crying.

Messages vary in directness. When the producer said it’s not good, Ahmet go inside and talk to Ray. He gave a brief explanation then he offered a suggestion or solution to make it better.

There are also so many nonverbal messages in this movie. For instance, after the woman (Marlene) kissed Ray, he cleans his mouth by his hand. It means that he didn’t like it. It also happened when her mother directly throw up the bucket and run after she saw her son didn’t move, it shows that she’s very worry.