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Barbara White has identified seven personal qualities found in a good leader. 1. A good leader is trustworthy; 2. A good leader is enthusiastic and highly dedication; 3. A good leader is confident; 4. A good leader is purposeful; 5. A good leader is tolerant; 6. A good leader is able to think analytically; 7. A good leader is committed to excellence

Regarding the news that I follow about Jokowi, I could say that he is a good leader. There are so many people who like Jokowi, starting from his personality and also his work as a mayor. Joko Widodo is just elected as a Mayor of DKI Jakarta on September 20th, 2012. As a leader who guides or directs a group, he should have a leadership which means ability to lead in the position or function of a leader.

Successful in changing Surakarta, Solo from crime city become the centre of art and culture is one proof of Jokowi’s work with his leadership skill. Now, he gets appreciation as the World 3rd Best Mayor. It is a pride for Indonesia citizen, especially in Jakarta region. Jokowi is low-profile person. He tends to know the situation directly by having interaction with publics. He is never afraid to get dirty to be a part of team working. Those things show Jokowi’s qualities as a leader.

In my opinion, good or bad can be scored by the society that live in Jakarta region because it is the duty of a mayor to focus in his city. People will see the differences during Jokowi’s period and they can feel it either getting better or even worse. There should be actions to make a development then people keep supporting of his position as a mayor in DKI Jakarta.


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