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I just finished my 3rd semester on July 2012, which means I’m going to be in 2nd year in university. (yeay!) I didn’t have any plan for this holiday. I need to collect money for my trip with room-mate on March 2013. However, there was something unexpected happened. I took a Mandarin course to fill my holiday after I joined moving in committee. Moving in is an event at President University where the seniors were welcoming the new students who come to dorm and will have a new life together. The Mandarin course was with my teacher in elementary school. The unexpected thing was my Korean friend called me that her younger sister would come here and she asked me to accompany her. Actually it was my pleasure. I like to help my friends. So, I didn’t refuse it but I tried to manage my time. Ah ya, my Korean friend’s name is Diana. We are in the same major in one university. Her sister’s name is Da Hye and she was graduated from Japan. She got a cheap ticket, so she would come here. She arrived at Jakarta on Saturday, August 11, 2012. I accompanied Diana to airport. She was exciting when she knew her sister would come and she was going to pick Da Hye up with me. Da Hye would stay here for 2 weeks more. After picked up Da Hye, we went to mall to had dinner and they were a little bit shopping 🙂 We spent 2 weeks together. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Dunia Fantasi Ancol, Bandung, and also Tidung Island became our destinations. I was be a tour guide in all places. It was tired but I was happy because I could tell a little side of Indonesia.