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Well, Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It will be busy every workdays. I was going to go to immigration office for extending my passport. Honestly, it was my first time to handle it by myself. After got some information from internet (now everything is easy, thanks God!), I was confident and brave enough to decide go there in the early morning.

I use the train as a simple transportation, I guess. Together with my brother who was going to go to his office, we went to train station. Oh gosh, there were so many people have been waiting there. And finally, the train was coming as on schedule 6.30 AM. I choose the first gate where it’s special for women. Although it’s full, I could say better 🙂 BUT I highly NOT recommend for old or pregnant women to use train as their transportation in the morning. Trust me, it’s very breathless… Even I can’t stand very well…

Luckily, in the middle of way (fyi, my destination will be the last station) the passenger became much more less. Sooo, I can sit and breath very well. The train from station which near my home until Jakarta will take about 45-60 minutes with 8,500 IDR.

At 7.30 AM, I arrived at Jakarta. I just directly walk outside and find the immigration office. The location is not really far from the train station. So that, I don’t need to take other transportation. I will not tell a lot about immigration process. Because as the tittle mention it’s about Monday Morning in Jakarta. Over all, the process was running well, fast, easy, warm welcome, and good service. I do hope the other government institution could be like that 😀

The last, I took some picture of Jakarta after I finished my business in immigration office. My watch showed it’s 9.30 AM and the road was still traffic jam. In other hand, I captured some old building which usually is crowded in the weekend. It’s called as “Kota Tua” (re: Old Town in english). The building has been there since Holland colonized era. It used to be under-ground prison. Now people called as Museum of Fatahillah (the name of Jakarta long time ago). There are also Batavia Cafe (also the name of Jakarta long time ago) with very classic design and a big post office, also any other museum near surrounding. It becomes the place to hang-out or even learn about history of Jakarta. So, this is the capital city of Indonesia: Jakarta on Monday morning! ^^