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Indonesia has the first newspaper when the Dutch colonized in eighteenth century. Circulations were small, as might be expected where as few as five percent of the population was literate in Indonesian, and there was little advertising. At the same time, a flourishing publishing business grew up in the Chinese-Indonesian community. The existence of newspapers was also continually published until the Japanese occupation in 1942 although there was a changing name and even most newspapers were banned. “As the number of newspapers and magazines burgeoned in the free atmosphere of the reformation period, so had the number of press organizations, with 36 on the record as of 2002. The longest-standing press organization was Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia (PWI).”

Source: http://www.pressreference.com/Gu-Ku/Indonesia.html


According to the code of ethics for Indonesian press that I have read, I could see that there will be many rules and regulation even though we have democratic ideology. It is made by all the representation from journalist or reporter institutions in Indonesia. There are rights and duties as reporters or journalists due to find information and make the report of it in news. Press legislation explained us about the definition about journalists, also described the function of journalists, and has purpose to keep Indonesian press in working under law.

In my point of view, press legislation is a good way since they are in legal institution and also it helps the journalist to be protected by government as well as they have to contribute well for the country. As a democratic country, Indonesia needs everything in a strict law that is written in order to avoid any bad things happened, like claims, misuse, and something which possible to trigger anarchy. For this case, the existence of press legislation could bring to the court if a serious thing happened. Another situation that might happen has been arranged in press legislation too.

There are dos and don’ts for journalists or reporters in finding information also making news report. In other hand, there are also the flow of institution establishment and member recruitment. Those things show everything is running under the laws. There will be punishment that noted in press legislation. It also will be updated by the time goes by and the development phenomena surrounding.

Source: http://pwi.or.id/index.php/uu-kej