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CIPR – UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations defined Public Relations as a planned or sustained effort in order to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics. It is a way to communicate organization’s messages at the right time and in the right place to the right audience (Marla Aaron). As management function, PR involved in anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact on society; then researching, conducting and evaluating programs of action and communication to achieve the informed public understanding.

John Hancock movie is about a man who has a super power not like common human. Unfortunately, he is not able to control it. Instead of helping other people, he also makes the society feel uncomfortable by destructing the crowd through his super power. One day, there is PR officer who being saved by Hancock. Looking at what Hancock has done, Ray, a PR officer feels really thankful while the other people argued at Hancock because of trouble and any damages happened at that time. It was very chaos after the accident. However Ray thought he could help Hancock’s life and make a better world.

There will be several points that could be related or applied in Hancock movie from the previous brief explanation about PR. Especially in analyzing and evaluating PR process in the movie. As a PR officer in one of companies, Ray has a project to make new brand and make the society aware of the brand. Ray was thinking of the strategy to achieve this goal. He needs to do research to find what market wants then he formulates a program as the planning.

In approaching Hancock is not an easy start to have corporation. Ray has found a way as an effective communication for Hancock to speak in front of public. It is because a bad image of Hancock and he needs to clarify and promise to change be a better. Just like in the scene when Ray shows Hancock some data about him through videos, means that Ray has done a research why public feel uncomfortable. Then Ray was thinking to make Hancock as a hero because of his capability and actually the society also need him but in a proper way.

When Hancock talks in front of public, it is kind of communication strategy that Ray has planned before. He invited the public including media and government then wrote a speech for Hancock. After the kind of conference, Hancock is arrested. This way is chosen by Ray because he wants to see if Hancock cannot come and help directly if something happened. Ray would like to show that Hancock has an important role for the society.

As a PR officer, it will be very essential to be patient and critical. Ray takes a time to handle Hancock and keep monitoring on society. At the end, there is bank robbery in a city and the policemen call Ray to ask Hancock’s help. From this situation and condition, Hancock tries to apply what Ray has told to be a hero. There are so many people, policemen, and also media wait for Hancock’s action. Finally, he could safe all victims inside the bank and the robbers have been caught. It is really make all people amaze and give applause to Hancock. Everyone starts to appreciate and accept him as a hero. Ray, as the one behind Hancock feels very proud and happy.

Furthermore, in my point of view for this movie regarding PR process is really showing how a PR officer could bring a mutual understanding between organization or company (but in this case is a person) with its public. So that, there will be a good impact and influence the attitude and behavior of society in interpreting a message of someone or something. Ray has been successfully help Hancock and also changed society’s mind about him.