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Library is a place where people can find books for reading. It is a quite place. People are not allowed to make any noises in the library. Library will be available at schools and designed as cozy place. However, it is possible to have own simple library at home. People can keep the books and put it in cupboards.

In President University, there is a library named Adam Kurniawan Library that can be seen directly when the visitors open the door. After come to inside library, there will be lockers provided in order to put the visitors’ bag. It is because one of the regulations is not allowed to bring any bags inside, except laptop, stationary or books, and some precious stuff. Next to lockers, there are sofas and some tables designed for relaxing while waiting or reading newspaper.

Walking to the left, there is an information and administration desk for librarian, the one who works in the library. For those who need help and want to borrow some books, the process will be there. Move to the right, exactly in front of the library’s desk, there is a huge space with tables and chairs. A big painting with Chinese calligraphy looks very beautiful also decorated the library.

In other side, beside library’s desk, there are several computers provided that able to connect with internet. The visitors can use the computer freely to find internet sources. Meanwhile, if the visitors want to use own laptop, they can operate it on the desks provided.

Library is typically with many cupboards or shelves and neat books stayed there. Usually the books are arranged based on certain categories, such as general science, law, economic, etc. But it is not only education books provided in Adam Kurniawan Library. There are some novels, magazines, and so forth which can be used for doing research or call assignment. Mostly the books in Adam Kurniawan Library are written in English because President University is the international university and there are also some foreign students.

When the library is crowded enough and no more space to sit, some students often choose to sit on the floor near the book shelves and read a book or do an assignment.