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A song from Anna Kendrick – Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”)



There are a group of college students talking about farewell party after the class finished because one of the members, Karin got a scholarship to Germany. A group named CUPS consists of 5 girls who are studying at second year psychology in a well-known university. Karin is the prettiest and the smartest among others. She is not coming to the class today. That is why the rest of group members decide to discuss and prepare a special moment for Karin’s last time together with CUPS in Indonesia.

Karin is absent because of visa interview in Germany Embassy. Knowing that she passed the scholarship program, Karin is very happy and really excited to go to Germany. She applied for a transfer student in one year, so that after come back, she only need make the final thesis for her study. This is what Karin has dreamed since graduated from high school. By having a strong belief and giving a big effort, she can show to the world that she got what she wants. Karin’s family and friends are always proud of her and keep supporting all the time.

Unfortunately, Karin is too busy with all the preparations. She feels tired because there are so many things to be done before her departure. Some application form must be filled regarding education, financial, etc. Until one day, Karin got sick and need a bed rest. Everyone is worried about her because her departure is coming closer.

At the end, Karin finally passed the hard situation. And she can reach her dream to have study abroad in Germany.

Opening Tease

Int. Classroom. Day

The class is over. Still crowded and noisy. Sonya, Patty, Carla, and Josie make a circle and talking each other in order to plan a farewell party. They are discussing without Karin as the one who will leave them for a year ahead. Everyone is giving an idea (beach party, dinner at home, stay a night at villa, and hang out).

ACT 1: who’s Karin? Flashback

Int. House/Dorm. Day

Someone come and give a letter for Karin. She is confused and curious to open the letter. And… it turns up an acceptance letter for German Studies Scholarship. Shock. She doesn’t believe it and directly makes a call to the embassy to make sure.

Int. Bedroom. Night

Karin is reading psychology book on her desk. The phone is ringing, her friend asks for class assignment. Before go to sleep, she cleans up the desk and prepare for tomorrow.

Ext. Restaurant. Day

Karin asked to have lunch together. Order menu and eat, having chit chat. She is telling about the scholarship to her group friends, CUPS. Everyone is happy and tearing.


ACT 2: it makes Karin crazy

Int. House/Dorm. Night

Preparing all the documentation, fill the forms. Exhausted. Making a cup of milk and take some snacks. Suddenly fall asleep on her desk with all papers.

Int-Ext. Room-Road. Day

The alarm makes Karin wake up and directly clean up in a rush. She is going to have interview in Germany interview. Karin is running to reach the bus station while she tries to call Sonya in order to ask permission for her absent. Unfortunately, Karin is trapped in traffic jam. She is very panic and often looking at her watch.

Int. Bedroom. Night

Arrived at home/dorm, put all the stuffs and take shower. Feel tired. Karin still needs to look for information about Germany by online. She is using her laptop while lay on the bed. Karin also tries to learn some basics Germany language by herself.


ACT 3: Karin got sick…

Int. Bedroom. Day

Wake up in the morning and feel dizzy. Karin is very weak to get up from the bed. She can’t go to campus and she tries to call her friends for help. Patty is coming and brings a breakfast and medicine for first help. At least it will make Karin has an energy. Until Carla, Sonya, and Josie come, they bring Karin to doctor.

Int. Hospital/Health Care. Day

Karin is on the bed and looks very weak. The doctor is checking her. Karin is suggested to have bed rest because of not good health condition. Everyone let her sleep after being infused.

Int. Hospital/Health Care. Night

Karin feel worry about her health and can’t go to Germany. Karin’s friends are coming to support her. She still has a month to recover her health. While taking a rest before her departure, Karin keeps learning and preparing the materials given from embassy and university.


ACT 4: Karin ready to go!!! (a month later)

Int. Bedroom. Day

Karin is preparing all the stuff. Making a check list to ensure everything has been packed. All CUPS members are coming to help her. They are reminding Karin to take care, keep contact, etc.

Ext. Restaurant. Day

Karin is having lunch together with all her friends for the last time. Taking pictures. Everyone gives a farewell letter and gifts. They can’t make special farewell party because Karin was sick. So that, all of them accompany Karin whole day before leaving them.

Ext. Road. Day

They spend a long way with sing a song and having jokes each other. It shows very happy situation, although they know that Karin will be missed by everyone. The moments will be captured to remind the friendship and cheer up each other.


Ext. Airport. Night

Walking with her luggage to the entrance gate. Karin and her group friends, CUPS with her family and other friends accompany Karin to wait the flight. Karin is hugging one by one to say good bye. All friends and family are saying hopes and wishes for her study in Germany.