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me&aiesec Having a dream to go abroad is always on my mind. Whether it is for travelling, study, or anything. I do not know why I really passionate on it. The thing is I enjoy every new people, place and situation that I will face. Those are striving me and keep up my excitement. Last summer, which was also my semester break on July to August 2013, I joined an amazing program from AIESEC. Let me tell you a bit about AIESEC, perhaps you can find more information through internet.

Well, AIESEC is a non-profit organization which deal with international and leadership platform. It has been existed since long time ago in a whole the world. AIESEC is also a place for all youths to develop the skills and give a good impact in society. I have been a year involved in AIESEC President University Indonesia as Team Member of Talent Management. There are so many learning points that I could get from here.

As a person who wants to take more experience and challenge, I applied to go exchange (a program that AIESEC have in order to gather all youths). It was a social project in China for 6 weeks. I was really excited after I got a permission from my mom, because I would be a volunteer, I need to pay for the accommodation by self-funding. I prepared all the things before final exam came at that time. A long way that I had to struggle for it, I found other Indonesian participants. In total, we were 7 people from different cities and universities. Other participants were from Poland, Germany, Spain, Malta, Malaysia, Korea, Bahrain, Austria, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Russia.

IMG_2418 Here we were in the beach for fun in the middle of hectic schedule. Anyway, a small city that we live named WaFangDian, Dalian and even we were divided into 2 village, Zhao and Xu. The project was teaching English in Local Elementary and Junior High School. To be honest, it was my first experience to take role in international community. I could not express it through any words. I lived together with more than 30 youths from 12 different countries, I shared with more than 10 local students, I met a lot of people with any backgrounds. It was awesome!

Unfortunately, I could not extend my visa in China. Sad, upset, disappointed, !@#$%^&*- I expected to stay for 45 days and finished the project. No one could help me and no one knew it would be happened. There were a complicated story and no other choice instead of I had to buy new flight ticket.


Every moment, experience, and knowledge will NEVER stop in one way with one story! We, all Indonesian participants, only could spend 1 term of project in a village. So that, we decided to explore China for the rest of days before our visa was expired. I was very grateful to have this opportunity. Besides AIESEC experience, I found a lot of life experiences from what I saw, I faced, and I deal with during 30 days in somewhere else! I was happy, feel blessed, and really encourage myself to be better in the future.

Thanks world, thanks mom, thanks dad, thanks friends, thanks everyone! Don’t let the memories fly away 🙂 Cheers…