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A quick review from 2013 in the beginning day of 2014 will be written here. There were a lot of things that I faced in this one year. All of feelings, surprises, and even accidents were happened to my life in this world.

In the beginning of year 2013, I was still in shock situation after the car accident. In addition, I lost my two mobile phones in stationary store near campus. No one can predict that I got Samsung Galaxy S3 mini from the wedding flower. It was such a great start in my 2013 *hahaha*

Although having a hectic short semester, I met new international friends who came and joined as exchange participant in AIESEC PresUniv. They were teaching the kids for Basic English. They were very gorgeous. They stayed here for 6 weeks, so that I spent much time with them.

After finishing a busy semester, I went to Malaysia and Thailand with my beloved room-mate. It was a short semester break, but we tried to enjoy the holiday. We decided to go was because we got a quite cheap airplane ticket. We spent for more than a week. It was a new experience to be in place where only a few who can speak English.

This year, I was celebrating my 20 in the dormitory like a kid’s birthday. My crazy friends were preparing all the stuffs and even made a scenario to bring me. I didn’t expect they would do so, but I could feel something wrong. It was amazing and made me want to cry at that time.

Furthermore, my 6th semester was going into deeper subject. I also handled several events for the organization and everything was running well, even satisfied enough. Finally, I interested in applying the social project that was offered by AIESEC PresUniv for Summer Exchange Program. I would like to explore the world, develop myself, and bring my dreams came true. I went to China in my semester break from July to August, 2013. Last but not least, to close my year, in December I got a scholarship from China Harbor Engineering Company. It was really my honor to be on stage and receive 5 million IDR. I was really proud and grateful to be chosen.

Those are my simple story list during 2013. I deliberately only wrote the sweet memories that can’t go from my mind. There will be much difficult realities in this life, but I believe there must be a great moment in everything I do. Be grateful and keep dreaming!