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A few days ago I went to a new mall near my house. Well actually, I didn’t have plan to go there. My mom wanted to show a location of future shop and my dad wanted to visit his ex-boss in hospital. So, our route would be my mom destination and then my dad destination. Anyway, we went by car with my younger brother too. My older brother was at office.

The traffic was very nice. A big new mall in front of the hospital couldn’t stop calling us to be there. Feeling curious with inside the mall also made us to came and take a look. None of us been here before, so we would like to explore it. My mom also said maybe we could buy some clothes for Lunar New Year. Alright.

GRAND METROPOLITAN. It is the mall’s name. It just launched in July 2013. There are a lot of famous branded for clothes, shoes, etc inside the mall. Unfortunately, some of stores are still under construction. That is why the mall put some amazing wallpaper to attract the visitors. Here are some pictures.

mall2 mall1

After shopping for my younger brother, we looked for have dinner. The restaurants seemed very elegant and elite. We were trying to find food-court which can be more various of foods. Finally, the security directed us to upstairs then we were amazed to see “Eat and Eat”. Sorry I didn’t have any picture of the amazing place. But I could see so many people were there to have dinner. It is like a food-court in Singapore. They provide any kind of foods and drinks, mostly original from Indonesia. It was great to taste all of the menu here because of quite affordable price for family. We spent 200,000 IDR and felt very full.

Furthermore, I could see another side of mall despite of shopping. We can choose a mall to have dinner or explore the culinary together with beloved family of friends. An elegant mall with western style is still able to show a traditional side of Indonesia through the food-court they have. The crowd in this mall is also quite good, maybe it was because not in weekend or holiday. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to visit a huge mall instead of disappointment will come to you.