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Jan 6th 2014

Today is my first day in new semester after a short holiday. Not only me, but most of the students feel excited to join the class. We can say it will be our last semester in university because we are going to have internship on April then continue with thesis. Then, defense and graduation! Yeay! Time flies sooo fast.

My feeling is indescribable right now. Confused, worried, happy, impatient, @#$%^&*!~ I had made some wish lists for 2014, I had planned what should I do to achieve all of them. The thing is, how committed I am with it. Everyone knows it is very hard step to change unusual to be common for this life. But, I am trying all the best as I can give. The rest, I am sure everything will be paid off in a time.

Anyway, about today’s class. I am very upset because the lecturers did not come to class. I just think how could the lecturers let us to do nothing while we are on fire to start new semester. It seems a pity, especially for those who came from their house directly to campus. That’s the consequences for some students. However, some students will be very grateful because they could continue to sleep or even hang out with others.

There will be two-sides in every case or incident. It depends on us how could see those sides. It is our perspective. I’m only telling what happened in university life for real. No offense.