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Born in Jakarta, May 16th 1993 I am the only daughter in my family. I have one older brother and one younger brother. My parents go to work every day since we were kids. They teach us how to live independently, however we always have quality time together. I have so many friends who always support me. How grateful I am to live surrounding by good people and very nice environment.

Talking about myself, I am quite active in some organizations, either internal or external. I always want to learn about something that could develop me and even I could share again with others in future. Through those activities, I could enlarge my networking and be more open-minded. I am also a person who responsible with my job, on time, and willing to make others proud of my work. Unfortunately, I am not feminine enough and still in progress to have good emotion control.

I am happy if I could help anyone and it is always my pleasure. Because I think, I have to be good, so that people will also be good to me. Since junior high school, I write a big sentence “NOTHING’S IMPOSSIBLE” and until now, it burns my spirit up to do what I like and love to do. I always try to write my wish lists in a year ahead and what the things to achieve them. Maybe not all of them can be achieve, but at least I have my own reminder and motivation to keep doing on the track.