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It’s quite late to have this on my site. I was trying hard to write as much as I can to tell the world that I’m alive!

Well, 2015 will be my beginning. I will start my new life, love, and career. After struggling several months with my bachelor thesis, here I am…

Yeni Meytadewi, B.A.Comm

I would like to thank everyone for supporting me all the time. It is very precious. Well, to be honest I am not having that much dreams in this year. I had achieved my big goal to finish my bachelor thesis and graduate on time. The rest, I am trying to arrange my new life. I am thinking to have my master abroad, having my own business, and also travelling for sure. But then, I realized that money can ruin it. So, I need to earn money as much as I can, work-hard and take all opportunities as new things to learn which also give me knowledge or eve life lessons.

Thanks 2014 for all memories, it’s tough but I enjoyed every single moment. I will try to be better person and grow as a good woman. Being grateful for this entire life with amazing stories strengthen me to draw more wonderful paths in reaching my future wishes.

Welcome 2015 and I’m ready to be 22 pretty soon 🙂