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Hi again! Sorry I just came back from holiday and had several things to be done. It was almost two-week since the second part of my post. As I promised, I will write down about tips and introduce some people in the cruise. So, here it is…


we dance and sweat a lot, much fun!

I met many people in the cruise but unfortunately I didn’t get to know each of them. I just took some pictures with the crew during the farewell party. It’s very memorable šŸ™‚ They made to think for joining become part of them. Sounds crazy, huh?

Well, mostly they are very nice! I can see from every smile that they gave to us. I can see from warm service in each event they had. It was incredible experience, ever!


the daily chocolate and cruise id card

Lastly, for my tips during your first cruise time, please take care of all your belongings. Believe it or not, but my mom lost some money which she put in the safety box. So, please don’t ever think the safety box is safe. Because you will leave the room most of the time and the “room-guy (deck-room attendant)” may go and out freely. I did not point him as a thief. But again, we have to be careful šŸ™‚ I know it’s not a good ending story, however I enjoyed a whole journey. Just try to take it in positive way…

I think you guys can summarize a whole thing that I want to deliver. The most important thing is pay much attention on what happening in the cruise, don’t ever lose the chances to join every event that they have. Another crucial part is make sure that your passport, cruise id card, money, and all valuable things you have are always near you.

Thank you very much for keep reading my blog. Hope it was not my last experience with a cruise šŸ™‚


Chase, Bryan, Patrick – please help me to find them šŸ˜¦