Hi everyone! Let me share you about my day. It was very incredible.

My plan was attending a seminar in Gandaria City. As the distance is quite far, I spare 2 hours earlier. I had 2 choices to go, by train or bus although both of them will need another bus again. In order to get cheaper and faster, I prefer to choose train. No one knows what will happened next, even a second after it, right?
When my destination was 2 stations left, the train was stopped. I kept silent for 15 minutes, but then I couldnt be calm for another 15 minutes. Many passengers decided to go out and continue by another transportation. Me myself was thinking to go home or somewhere else with other appoinment. And I went out from the train, walk to the nearest bus station. I still tried to reach my first plan when I heard the seminar was not started yet. Finally I arrived after 4hours.
Late? Yes. Feeling dissappointed to waste my time? Not really, I could learn from each of it. Even I write this while standing on the bus 🙂
But then I will never know if I keep waiting on the train.
The thing that I would to share is about “choice”. No one can avoid this. I am pretty sure all of you ever face my situation and all of you might have different decision or even want to give a comment on what I did. It’s free for you to see from different perspectives about what I’ve done and my thoughts that I will tell here.

Let’s start!
In this wonderful life, each of us will have some dreams.
To reach those dreams, there will be list to do as our plan even in details.
On the way to make it happened, it will not always as smooth as we want. There must be unpredictable things either it’s good or bad for us. At that time, we should choose one among some alternatives.
As the result, we might have amazing stories which become learning points in this life.

So, in my situation this noon, my dream was attending seminar at Gandaria City. My plan was taking a train to Sudirman, then Transjakarta to Blok M and lastly ‘angkot’.
And the unpredictable thing was signal trouble in Jatinegara and the security told me the train cant continue the trip about an hour or more even it will go to another station.
That moment, I have some alternatives whether to wait which is safe and stick on the first plan…or go out from the train and take another transportation… The consequences were about time. If I keep waiting, I’m not sure when I will arrive. If I take another transportation (this case I prefer to choose Transjakarta because I dont want to take taxi if I know nothing about the route) maybe it will take 2 hours (an hour longer than my first plan).
After getting info that the seminar was not started yet, I chose to move! Although I know it will be still late, but at least I keep my dream and try to make it happened.
Now, I will share what I found and become my learning points.
I used to take 2 buses. In the first bus, the co-driver is very nice. He kept informing about next stop even warning all passengers to take care our belongings. However, in another bus with different co-driver, he only kept silent. It shows that you will meet at least two different things on the way to reach your destination. Don’t be shocked! You need to calm down and be flexible. Once you can adapt with it, never worry. All is well. Not all people can do good things which may support you. Some of them might do bad things in order to challenge you…

On the way to go home, I and my friends were going to take taxi because it will rain and we don’t really know the road to reach the nearest bus station. Then, the taxi driver that we take was very pretty awesome. He showed us the nearest bus station with no traffic jam and only about 15 minutes. Be good and be happy, then people will be good and happy too!

Thanks for reading 🙂