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Living in a big city – which has traffic jam in rush hour – could trigger stress easily.

It was Friday and raining. Everyone just left the office. Some might go to party, some might go home. The road is quite crowded as everyone was driving.

You would think more time needed to spend on the way to reach somewhere. For example, you are going to the airport from the town. Usually it will take an hour, but realizing the condition, there should be more than an hour.

In that situation, you prefer to choose the fastest transportation as alternative although it will cost you much higher. This thought was influenced by the reality in Jakarta and you did not want to miss the flight or mess up any plan on schedule.

Until there was someone – local people – who convinced you that everything will be fine and the bus – the cheapest one – is able to reach the airport by an hour.

Believe it or not.

You’ll be amazed!

The bus was leaving from terminal on 7.20 p.m. and we were arriving at the airport on 8.20 p.m.

Traffic jam? YES. Please take a note: it was also raining even some roads were flooding.

Lucky? Hmm…

It is considered as “mental” of an hour perhaps. The real one, no matter what happened.