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Let me describe something we have in this life. We have family, friends, and other people surrounding. But those things will not be appear on our mind when they stay closely. We look for different things which not existed. So it means something is nothing.

Simple way, we live with our parents and our siblings are not. Mostly parents will ask for our siblings. Mostly parents will not realize that we wait for them instead of the pets at home. Weird. But it happened.

Now, let’s turn back the story. When we feel really bad, no one cares. Think again. Maybe at the same time we are being missed. Maybe at the same time there are some people think that we are special. But distance apart us. It means nothing is something.

Iā€™m not sure if it will be common issue for everyone or only me who has experience on this thing. Well, as a human being, people tend to be asking more and more. It makes us not realized a good thing in front of us. There should be better things and so forth.

It is about how grateful we are to be happy. How grateful we are to enjoy the life, to see nothing become something. To think that nothing can create something except us.

Complicated, huh?

Which one do you prefer if you may choose:

To be something while it is nothing or let it be nothing which can be something šŸ™‚